Private Investigations

Information Gathering and Investigation

Foley Security Solutions takes pride in handling all situations with utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity. We take your personal and business queries very seriously, and we are always determined to deliver your desired results.

We offer dependable information and investigation services that are conducted in a timely manner. Foley Security Solutions is licensed in risk management. We have worked with individuals and different institutions, such as schools and corporations. Our team is equipped with technology that allows us to collect, interpret and share information with our clients in a timely fashion. Furthermore, our investigators are trained in process serving and conducting extensive background checks.


Approved User of TLO Database:

"Security Industry's most comprehensive 360-degree view into a subjects identity, assets and relationships"

  • Uncover multi-jurisdictional associations between people, businesses and assets
  • Identify non-obvious relationships with unique public record data
  • Leverage advanced analytics with TransUnion and customer supplied data

TLO Provides Access to:

  • Date on over 90% of the population
  • 350 million Social Security numbers

  • Over 225 million employment records

  • 4 billion phone records

  • 4 billion address records

  • 90 million adult Millennials age 18–36*

  • 50 million people with so-called “thin files” who don’t have traditional credit reports

School Residence Verification


Foley Security Solutions is committed toward ensuring the safety of schools and their respective students. We offer comprehensive school residence verification services.

Workers Compensation


Workers compensation fraud can be committed by either the employee or employer. We are knowledgeable in this area, and cater to both companies and individuals.

Internal Theft


It is important to ensure that your company’s revenues are safely accounted for. Our investigation process uncovers instances of internal theft within your organization. 

Due Diligence (Background Check)


For the safety of your current employees, we conduct extensive background checks on potential applicants. Our screening process is quick, clean, and thorough.

Process Serving


Our Servers  are trained to locate hard to find people and serve them, as well as diffuse heated situations. As a New York State Private Investigation Agency, we are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Our clients have recognized us for our innovative techniques and rapid turnaround time. Feel free to talk to us if you are in need of a process server. We can help you file, serve, or retrieve official court documents.


Discretion is our priority; to make a service request call 845-782-3356 or fill out our online form for more details about what we can do for you.