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Foley Security Solutions

Active Shooter Response Training

  Our Training educates the staff on what an Active Shooter is/Active Shooter History/Statistics/Findings.


Our Active Shooter: Rapid Response class teaches active shooter (mass shooting spree) rapid response and containment, and is intended for Security Departments, Campus Safety Departments, Houses of worship and first responder professionals.


Recent active shooting events both inside and outside the US demonstrate the need to prepare local, regional, state, federal & military resources to plan for and respond to these events. Planning & preparedness is critical to the successful outcome of an active shooter incident.


This class is designed to improve official response to active shooter incidents by instructing students in:



  Our Training presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior in and out of the Workplace.


  • Affiliation/ Behaviors / Triggers / Prevention Methods
  • How to Respond
  • Security Personnel/ LE Actions and Response/HANDS ON TRAINING
  • Tactics/strategy for response to active shooter event
  • Facility preparedness
  • Approach/entry/search options
  • Response equipment
  • Incident command