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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training

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Learners will also see how to prevent or De-Escalate unhealthy conflict before it leads to more serious problems. Managers will learn how to stop, evaluate, and consider all sides of a conflict before reacting. This course also covers key communication skills needed to address workplace conflict.

Use of Proactive Communication to Resolve and Prevent Conflict. The ability to resolve conflict in a timely and effective manner can prevent escalation and increase productivity.  Our Conflict Resolution Training aids employees in identifying the most common causes of conflict at your organization, provides techniques for managing workplace conflict, and identifies the negative effects of unresolved conflict. 

  • Identify the causes of conflict in your organization
  • Identify your organization’s common responses to conflict
  • Discuss different styles and approaches to conflict resolution
  • Discuss how to create an environment for open, honest dialogue during conflict resolution
  • Discuss how to respond to anger in the workplace and how to manage your own anger
  • Identify the best practices for effective communication and active listening during conflict resolution