Introduction to Private Investigation Training

Introduction to Private Investigation Training

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Introduction to Private Investigation Course  is taught by a licensed NYS private Investigator

This course teaches students investigative skills and abilities to be used on the field, to gather sensitive information from individuals and businesses as well as insights into the Private Investigation industry.


  1. Training from the Experts. Our instructors have culminated experience in the industry, are up to date on the latest findings and technology in Private Investigation. Every instructor is a practicing and fully licensed NYS Private Investigator. 


  1. Competitive edge in job market. Private Investigation Firms require properly trained, quality individuals. Our courses give you the training and know-how to help you with getting hired as Private Investigator.


  1. RESUME BUILDER- Every student who completes our courses will receive a certificate of completion, which can be listed on their resume. This can build credibility as you’re pursuing a career as a NYS Private Investigator.