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NYS Private Investigator State Exam Prep

NYS Private Investigator State Exam Prep

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NYS Private Investigator State Exam Prep

Our program will provide you with a comprehensive review of the study materials and information needed in order to be successful when completing the New York State Exam for Private Investigators.

Foley Security Solutions curriculum includes the necessary links to all laws and regulations as they pertain to the study materials for the examination.

Exam Topics

Include: license law; penal and criminal procedure law; investigative techniques; supervision; restrictions; interpreting written material; and report writing

License qualifications:
All applicants must be at least 25 years of age at the time of application and be a principal in the business. PI's & WGP's must pass the license examination. You are not eligible to hold a PI or WGP license if you are a holder of an employment agency license, or are a member of a partnership or an officer or a holder of any stock in a corporation or have any financial interest or participation in the control and management of any employment agency.

Experience Required:
The law requires every partner, officer or principal in a business to be licensed to conduct business, and one such individual in each business must provide proof of qualifying experience and pass the license examination.

Private Investigator applicants must have at least three years of full-time investigative experience as an employee of a licensed private investigator or as an investigator for a government investigative agency or police agency;
OR 3 years of full-time equivalent position and experience acquired in a position where the primary duties were to conduct investigations;
OR 3 years of full-time experience supervising and reviewing the work of at least three people performing investigations;
OR 20 years of service as a police officer, regardless of specific title;
OR 20 years of service as a Fire Marshall.

Included in the course are  questions to adequately prepare you to take the state examination. This training is offered 100% online and100% on demand to fit your schedule!! Enroll Today!