5 Qualities of a Successful Security Guard

5 Qualities of a Successful Security Guard


Companies hire security guards to keep their most valuable assets safe, namely, life and property.  An honest security guard will act with integrity and put their client's best interests first.


A security guard must be relied on to do their job well. They will arrive on time, alert, and prepared for any threat. Reliability is key.

Communication Skills

A security guard deals with members of the public so a security guard must be able to communicate with all types of people in all kinds of situations.

Always Be Prepared

A successful security guard is alert, prepared, and able to think quickly in an emergency. He should be able to assess a situation and determine the best course of action.

Knowledge Of The JobA security guard must be thoroughly familiar with the buildings and grounds they protect.  Things like the location of the exit doors, chemicals stored, if any, the establishment and operation of fire detection and suppression equipment, and anything else that might interfere with the protection of life and property.  

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