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8-Hour Pre-Assignment Course


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8-Hour Pre-Assignment Course

Be Job Ready in 24 Hours!

8-Hour Pre-Assignment Course

Below is what is included:

  • NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course
  • NYS Security Guard Application
  • Assistance with the NYS Security Guard Application

This is an 8-hour course required by the state of New York. It is the first step toward obtaining a security officer registration card from the New York State Department. The course provides the student with an overview of a security officer's duties and responsibilities.

Topics covered include the role of a security officer, legal powers and limitations, emergency situations, communications and public relations, access control, as well as ethics and conduct. You need to pass the examination to complete this course successfully.
Requirements to become an NYS security officer:
Must be at least 18 years old
Must have a valid NY State driver’s license, NYS ID card or go to a NYS DMV with a special form so they can take your photo
No felony record

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