Security Careers

Security Careers

Deciding to start a career as a Security Officer is excellent, but where you work will depend on you. One thing is for sure: you have plenty of options once you put yourself out there. 

Security Officer's hours will vary based on the organization's needs, including nights or weekends. Jobs could be at banks, office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, houses of worship, and special events. You will likely need a flexible schedule when seeking Security Officer positions.

Some Examples of Security Officer Jobs

Bodyguard:  A bodyguard protects clients, protecting them from physical threats like assault, theft, kidnapping, or assassination.

Plant Protection Officer:   A Plant Protection officer patrols an assigned area throughout their shift. The duties may be monitoring CCTV and other surveillance and alarm systems. The responsibilities may also require them to participate in emergency management plans in the event of criminal activity, safety violations, or misconduct.

Protection Officer:  A security guard monitors a facility during and after business hours to prevent theft, damage, and other types of loss. Typical job duties involve interacting with employees, observing customers and clients, and patrolling the grounds. This career has different levels, and the higher levels may require more responsibility and potentially armed guarding duties.

Security Control Center OperatorAs a security control center operator’s duties are to protect facilities and monitor security systems, such as CCTV setups, fire alarm panels, etc., from a control center at commercial buildings, such as a casino, power plant, or hospital, or the front desk of a residential property.

Security Vehicle Patrol Officer:  A security vehicle patrol officer is a specific type of security guard who provides security services in a particular location. Generally, an officer in a security vehicle patrols an outdoor property rather than guarding a specific building like other security guards.

 School Security Officer:  A school security officer provides security and ensures the safety of students, faculty, visitors, and other staff members. Responsibilities include responding to incident reports on the campus, calling in police officers if necessary, patrolling the grounds and checking buildings on campus, traffic duty, and crowd control during special events.

Hospital Security Officer:  A hospital security officer protects staff, patients, and visitors and ensures that all hospital property is secure. Your duties are to patrol the building and its grounds, monitor all activity in and out of the hospital, and endeavor to prevent vandalism, theft, fire, and disturbances within the facility.

Gate Guard:  A gate guard is stationed ahead of the gate to an enclosed area such as a corporate building, warehouse, or gated community. As a gate guard, you act as security by verifying visitors and keeping a guest log of incoming and outgoing personnel. 

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