Security Industry Growth leads to New Positions

Security Industry Growth leads to New Positions

The Security industry continues to grow, and new opportunities become available. Below are just some of the security jobs outside of the industry standard. 


A fast-paced job with changing responsibilities, traveling to out-of-the-ordinary cities and countries, and meeting interesting and new people are all factors that create an exciting career path.

For candidates looking to get started in a career in the security industry that incorporates all of these factors, consider these options for the most exciting jobs in security.

PRIVATE SECURITY CONTRACTORSPrivate security contractors work for private military companies to supplement military personnel on missions overseas or, in more limited cases, domestically. Some companies require military training; additional certifications and requirements could depend on the employing company.

CYBERSECURITYCybersecurity specialists work with computer systems to protect against internal and external threats to information systems. With the ever-changing technologies in today’s society, this field means daily challenges to stay ahead of the hackers and dangers to systems that can crash an entire information system.

CRIME PREVENTION SPECIALISTCrime prevention specialists work with many different groups of people, from law enforcement agencies to local community groups and schools. The purpose of the position is to appraise, analyze, and anticipate the potential for crime risk in a particular area.

TRAVEL SECURITY - Travel security officers could have various job descriptions. One that allows for travel to exotic and exciting destinations is to work as a traveling security officer, providing security to private citizens or public figures when they travel around the nation or out of the country.

CASINO SECURITY - Perhaps more than any other security position, working as a casino security officer can be the most fun. Casino security officers protect casino patrons, staff, the establishment, and also the money on the property. It keeps security on its feet, whether working surveillance or investigating and observing on the casino floor.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORPrivate investigators can work independently or as part of a firm. The job requires attention to detail and thinking and acting quickly. Furthermore, most investigative work is done on the computer, and PIs work for many clients, such as insurance companies, private citizens, and corporations. 


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