Change your habits for a safer today

Change your habits for a safer today

Good habits are formed just like bad ones...slow and steady. We all have good & bad habits and if we are honest with ourselves, we know exactly what they are. As security officers we face many challenges daily. One of the biggest threats to our own and others’ safety is our bad habits.  When a task becomes boring, our brain isn't engaged and subconsciously we deem it not important.


When something is new (new job, new post, etc.) we are excited/nervous and that has our eyes and ears wide open. At some point, the excitement wears off and our job can feel like we are on autopilot. This is never a good thing when our job is to protect people and property.


Aside from changing jobs every week (not advisable) what can you do to keep your brain engaged and change our bad habits?


First, let's look at the top 5 bad habits of security officers:


  1. Lateness. If you aren't early, you're late. A good rule of thumb is to be 15 minutes early for your post. Even if you aren't relieving someone, people are counting on you to be at work on time.


  1. Predictable-Security 101, you shouldn't take the same exact route, same time for your patrols. Maybe you must do your patrol at the same time because that is what you are required to do. You can still change up your patrol route and remain unpredictable.
  1. Distracted-Let's face it, even the most disciplined Officer can be distracted at times. Cell phones are the #1 culprit for distracting us, but plenty others will vie for this title too. Put your phone down at work and have some good situational awareness.


  1. Inconsistent-If you are working access control, chances are you know most of the people (including visitors) that come into your building. If the policy states you must sign all visitors in, that means everyone. Far too often I have seen the Access Control Officer waving people through without signing in because they know them. Follow protocol and be consistent.


  1. Assuming-It's the lazy and wrong way when we assume. Take on a Private Investigation mindset and start asking questions. Do your research when something happens and find the answers.

 The changes you make today, can and will make for a safer tomorrow. 

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