Vol. 14 April 2023-Learn to Save a Life

Vol. 14 April 2023-Learn to Save a Life

Security Officer's are entrusted to protect people & property. We protect through several means, including but not limited to patrols, having situational awareness, getting to know the people, knowing our roles, etc. 

To quote the great late Douglas Macarthur, "Preparedness is the key to success and victory."  As a Security Officer, we can encounter numerous types of emergencies at any given time.  We never know when a person could be in need of the important life saving skill of CPR.  

I was shocked to learn, per a recent study by the AHA, only 18% of the American public is up to date on CPR training. While it isn't a state requirement for security officers to be CPR certified, learning this vital life skill can only help them be more prepared. One day of training for a skill that can be the difference between life and death.  

 The American Red Cross recently updated all of its training, so even if you were certified in the past, new information was added to their curriculum. The courses are offered in blending learning (1st half is done online with the 2nd half in person) which allows you to learn to save a life from home. 

Foley Security Solutions is pleased to announce that we are now offering CPR/First Aid/AED Training through the American Red Cross. Check out our training calendar and sign up to learn to save a life! 

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