Vol. 16-June 2023-Honoring Women in Security

Vol. 16-June 2023-Honoring Women in Security

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The US security services industry has grown from 2014 to 2022, reaching a market size of 52 billion US Dollars. The security guard industry in the US is male-dominated, with only 24% of security guards being female. These numbers are relatively low in comparison to other industries. However, as the role of security has expanded, Women are gradually entering this highly male-oriented profession. Ten years ago, the percentage of women in the security industry was virtually nonexistent. More recently, women have actively positioned themselves for growth within the security profession in government and private industries. Currently, the number of women in security is rapidly increasing in the workforce.  

Women excel in many areas of the security industry such as;

Ability to handle conflict: Women, by nature, can deal with conflict and generally solve problems calmly. This can result in less aggressive outcomes, especially when the instigators are male. Women have a diplomatic negotiation style which can also aid in conflict resolution.

Communication: Studies show that women tend to express themselves more eloquently than men – they’re also great at listening and hearing the other side. Listening is an all-too-often forgotten skill today, and many leaders use their positions of power primarily to tell others how to do things. It’s also important to note that communication is more than just talking. It’s about perceiving body language and feelings – which women excel at.

 Multi-Tasking: It's not a myth-women are better than men at multitasking. A Security Officer's post is often one filled with chaos. Access control, answering the phones, watching cameras, etc. Women have an advantage with their ability to juggle several projects at once. 

  The Security industry will continue to grow and so will the opportunities for both women and men. 

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