Vol.9 November 2022-NYS Concealed Carry Permit

Vol.9 November 2022-NYS Concealed Carry Permit

Exciting things are happening here at Foley Security, and I’d like to share them with you. We are in the beginning stages of developing a new class, NYS Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training. This class is designed to not only assist persons interested in becoming an armed guard, but to anyone who would like to carry a gun in New York State. Now, gun laws have become quite fluid and confusing in New York. Our course will get you one step closer to meeting the qualifications of carrying a gun and also explain to you the do’s and don’ts of gun laws, pistol permits, and how they apply to gun carrying residents of NY. In addition to this course, we feel there is a need to offer a zoom class which will explain, in detail, all the steps a person needs to carry a gun. The zoom class will discuss and clarify the process, from soup to nuts, what training, permits and other variables are required by NYS.

Although New York City is obviously in New York State, I am not including New York City when I talk about New York State gun laws, because New York City has separate regulations that apply to the possession of guns in New York City.

In New York State you do not need a license to possess a rifle or shotgun, so long as the rifle has a barrel of at least 16 inches, and the shotgun has a barrel at least 18 inches in length.

To possess a handgun in New York State, you do need to obtain a permit. Prior to the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision of New York State Rifle & Pistol Associations v. Bruen, it was very difficult for most people to get a license to carry a handgun or pistol in New York State. To obtain a license to carry a pistol or handgun, an applicant needed to demonstrate a special need for protection that was more than a general desire for self-defense. In other words, a person had to articulate why they had a unique risk that warranted them possessing a firearm. For instance, people who might more commonly receive death threats—like celebrities or politicians—would be more likely to get approval for a handgun license.

There are Three types of Gun Licenses in NYS:

  • Premise
  • Business Premise
  • Concealed Carry Firearm


For this article we will be addressing the concealed and carry firearm license for New York State, excluding New York City.


To be licensed to conceal carry in NYS follow the following steps (* Steps may vary per County)


  • Applicant must be fingerprinted by the county they reside in. Check your county website for more details.
  • Make sure you bring all appropriate forms, which can be found on your county website under pistol permit department.
  • Register for the Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training Course
  • Return completed application / documents / training certificate to pistol permit office located at your county building.


 NYS Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training now being offered at Foley Security Services.


  • 16 hours of classroom training
  • 2-hour live fire training
  • Pass a required written examination scoring a minimum of 80%
  • Shoot a live fire minimum proficiency qualification at the range.


So, whether you want to be an armed guard or just armed, check out our website and classes to sign up or, simply to get for more information. Coming Soon!

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