VOLUME 11 JANUARY 2023-Security Membership

VOLUME 11 JANUARY 2023-Security Membership

It’s going to be a great year!! We start this new year by saying goodbye and thank you to one of our long-time business consultants, Maria Glass. Maria Glass has been the brains behind our monthly newsletter (along with numerous other projects) and she will be missed. You can rest assured that the newsletter will keep a very similar format but with a slightly different voice.  As the old saying goes, the show must go on and with that let’s get into what we have in store for you in 2023…..

For starters, we are offering our NYS classes with flexible days/times (weekdays, weekends, evenings, etc.) to accommodate everyone. Online learning is here to stay, so we have added a ton of live Zoom classes but plenty of In-Person classes too.  Aside from the required NYS Training courses, we have some great elective courses now available such as; Verbal De-Escalation, S.A.F.E (Situational Awareness for Employees), Active Shooter Awareness and many more!

Foley Security Solutions & Snoop Investigations & Security continues to have the best of both worlds by each business complementing each other’s growth.

Last but certainly not least, we do listen to your feedback, and we are beyond excited to be launching an interactive Membership Portal for our students! The portal will send out training & license renewal reminders, track your training progress, give you access to numerous new training classes and some other great features that you will just have to wait to see! Our expected launch date is in March, and we will keep you posted once it is ready.

In closing, we thank you again for being the best part of our monthly newsletter and our business. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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