Are robots replacing security guards?

Are robots replacing security guards?

Today's technology is tomorrow morning's trash. It seems to improve by the minute and shows no signs of slowing down. Smartphone? Yes. Smart humans? Not so fast. I'm sorry, but we all have become so dependent on our technology that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.  

Regarding security, if you look at the situation objectively, you must admit that robots are superior to us. 

  • Robots can check in visitors and issue badges, respond to alarms, report incidents, and see things security cameras can't. The point goes to the robot.
  • Security robots don't get bored, tired, or distracted by their phones — and it's safer for them to confront intruders and other hazards. The point goes to the robot. 
  • Two-way communication systems allow employees to report problems or request human help by talking to the robot. The point goes to the robot. 

I will save us from a shutout scoreboard and give you the good news. 

Robots are here to stay, but so are humans, and they aren't going to put us out of work. To me, security is always about the protection of life & property. A good security guard fulfills this oath through several means, but one key component gives us a defensive edge over our robot replacements. That key component is communications and relationships. We build relationships with our coworkers and get to know the building/people's needs, and we are far more than just security. We are security, greeters, and whatever our client needs from us.

My hope is that we use incredible technology to enhance our careers but remember to be human and not short-circuit ourselves. 

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