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Safety Training (Schools & Businesses)

Amendments to Education Law § 2801-a: School Safety Plans

The statute includes a new requirement that each district submit certification to NYSED that all district and school staff have undergone annual training on the Emergency Response Plan, and that the School Safety Training include components on Violence prevention and Mental health. New employees hired after the start of the school year must receive training within 30 days of hire. The Department will require schools to certify that all school staff received this training by September 15th of each school year, or within 30 days of hire, whichever is sooner.”

This Emergency Response Training is a customized 1-Hour course, designed  for your staff, which focuses on identifying and responding to various internal and external school related threats.   This training will heighten staff awareness of the world around them at school, in public places and in every day life. Participants learn how to identify possible threats and how to address them.  Role playing may be used to give participants a level of comfort with the principles taught in the class. We will discuss how staff should prepare to manage visitors and others who may be agitated. Staff will be given guidance about when to call for assistance. 

 Below are some examples of what we can cover during our training: 

*Review job descriptions

*Visitor sign-in protocol

* Review communications and protocols

*Emergency Response Procedures

*Lock Down/Lock Out


* Hold-In-Place


*Bomb Threat Response

*Medical Emergency

*Incident Command Awareness

*Threat Assessment Level 1

*De-escalation “Tips and Tricks”

*Situational Awareness

*Student Peer Interactions (Mental Health Discussion)

*Role Play

*See Something/ Say Something

*Diversity Training


The training provided follows the SRP from the I love u guys foundation. Our training is offered in Live In-Person at your facility or Live Online (Zoom).