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Foley Security Solutions

Crisis Management Table Top Training

A 4-hour interactive course where individuals participate in crisis exercises and role-playing modules. These modules include a written crisis scenario that simulates imminent risk within a specified time frame. Exercise participants are asked to analyze the situation, pose questions, and cultivate problem solving skills that help generate solutions.

The exercises are designed to systematically identify improvement opportunities for existing crisis management plans, procedures, tools, etc. in a controlled learning environment. The objective is to optimize the managerial response (decision making), the operational response (operations related activities geared toward containing and controlling the crisis), and the communication response. Our goal is to train participants to identify gaps and weaknesses in existing crisis response plans, procedures, tools, etc.


Foley Security Solution’s crisis scenarios, used in the tabletop exercises, are customized and may vary depending on the client, exercise objectives, and other individualized factors.