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Foley Security Solutions

Threat Assessment Training

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We are now providing a Train the Trainer for Threat Assessments.Comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Assessments are essential to securing your organization.A Security Threat Assessment is best used when security maturity is low to medium, when you need a prioritized list of everything wrong, and where the goal is to fix as many things as possible as efficiently as possible.
Security Threat Assessments are periodic exercises that test your facility’s Security Preparedness. They include checks for vulnerabilities in your physical workspace and business process and recommend steps to lower the risk of future attacks. Security Assessments are also helpful in keeping your systems and policies current.
Foley Security Solutions works with your staff and security team, reviewing and analyzing your current processes, procedures, and infrastructure using our detailed assessment tools. We will assess by defining, identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in your workspace. We provide the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risk background to understand the threats to your environment and how to react and prepare appropriately.
Security Threat Assessments help integrate necessary security measures after a thorough physical property assessment.
Locates Physical Security Vulnerabilities and Risks.
It helps control risks and their impact on the work environment.
After a complete security and safety measures assessment, Foley Security Solutions will provide a detailed report showing the current threats, any issues and risks, and a recommended action plan. The security assessment report will indicate what assessment checks were performed, what passed and what failed, and the final summary list of vulnerabilities the evaluation team found. We'll give you advice based on physical security, best practices, and legal standards of care for your business, the surrounding area threat level, and the protocols and physical security measures that are in place at the time of assessment.
“These three components, when done correctly, are considered the best practice for preventing campus workplace and school violence. The threats can be natural or human-caused. A comprehensive threat assessment compares these dangers with your resources to mitigate them. We aim to help you simplify and streamline your processes and procedures, achieving high protection. We will provide you with a detailed report showing the current state of threats, any issues and risks, and a recommended action plan.”
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